30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 25: Receptive Exploration
Robert Sidoti

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This heart opening sequence had me crying...old patterns...arising and seeking release...letting go...again.
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Hi Robert I did this practice with my daughter Isabella who is 14. She did the wheel easily but for me it was a bridge too far...... It's a lovely experience to do yoga with family- my youngest sister is a yogi. Getting back into the daily routine, the right knee still tender but improving every day. Loved the back bends. Namaste.0
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A really deep stretch in my back hamstrings chest and heart. Felt like a flower blossoming open. Thanks for another exquisite practice, Robert. Now onto the 21 minutes of meditation with Nikki . Namaste.
Hey there Glenford 🙏🏽 Thanks for another lovely comment, it gives me such a clear sense of how you felt, love that! So nice you transition right into the meditation with Nikki, I’m sure that’s great! Are you still practicing with your daughter, such a great way to connect with our kiddos:) Have a lovely day
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Today was a challenge getting on the mat. I was able to go fully into wheel twice, which I haven't been able to do without an assist before. After coming out of  it I went into full emotional release. I'm not sure what I was holding there, but I'm so grateful for the practice and for your instruction. I'm getting stronger! YAY! Thank you!!!
Hiiii Dawn !! (6 days later, sorry) You brought such a smile to my face while reading your comment - I'm so happy you're feeling this way about yourself and your practice!! Wheel and other big heart openers like that can have that affect for sure, some days more than others - I'm sure it felt pretty amazing!! Thank YOU Dawn!!
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Robert! It’s been 25 days! I’ve committed for 25 days and today, for the first time, I was able to do the wheel! I always wanted to be able to do the wheel, because I find it so pretty. You not only need flexibility, but strength, and I never had the strength. I’m so proud! So happy! I had to run to my husband after the practice to show him, and I did it again! Thank you for the amazing journey! 
Yes yes yes and another big and beautiful yes for you FanRodgers - the consistent and sometimes challenging work seems to be paying off for you! Wheel is a tough one to get, I'm so happy you found it today! Thanks so much for sharing with me/us here on your victory :)) 
very nice practice - many thanks. :)
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