Aligned With Breath: Quiet Hips<br>Margi Young

Aligned With Breath: Quiet Hips
Margi Young

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David G-
Hi Margi! Thanks for the pointers in your comments. Loved the block between the legs for lower back pain, and also the cool way we made it up into side-plank. Half lotus is not in my toolkit, but I improvised. So many cool cues! Thanks for the invitation for Zoom; hopefully by the end of summer I'll be able to attend. It was magical watching you do that toe squat. 
Antonela P
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Great practice for my hips. I liked the variation with the block under the foot in the fire log position. Thank you. 🙏 
Margi Young
Antonela P Ah yes, me too! Thanks for practicing.  Be well, Margi
Aaron D
Ahhh Monday morning feels a little brighter  now.  Thank you Margi! 
Rosie B
This whole series is just wonderful. Thank you!
Margi Young
Rosie B SOOO glad you are enjoying it Rosie. Thanks for letting me know.  Love, Margi
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