Keepin' it Real: Fitness Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Fitness Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti
You’re welcome Shelley ! Sometimes it’s just so hard to make it to the gym🙄 I made a similar decision recently and it felt great! Have a great day!
Sarah H
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Hi [Robert Sidoti] I’m so glad I found this workout/practice. I was going to do a HIIT workout from one of the apps on my phone, but after a long bike ride yesterday and one too many Pina coladas last night (!) I didn’t feel up to a punishing 20 minute boot camp-type thing. This was a perfect midway point between the two. I hope you bring out more of this kind of ‘session’. As always, you are calm, supportive, encouraging and funny. Always a pleasure to practice with you 💪🏻🙏🏻👍🏻
Robert Sidoti
Hi Sarah !! Apologies for 18 day delay response:( How are you? So happy this practice worked for you and it is definitely a pleasure practicing with you as well:) Hope you’re doing well and still here with us!
Jessica Jolly
Hi Robert. I've done this video in the past and want to revisit it. I have an old wrist injury that is acting up, is it ok to do these pushups on fists, or is there a better modification?
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Jessica Jolly  - apologies for delayed response, my bad! Nice to see you here again! How are the wrists?? Doing push-ups on your fists are great actually, might be best way to stay away from wrist pain and strengthen your wrists at same time! There aren't that many other options besides very specific wrist stretches or simply not doing them :(  I will add that if you have or can get push-up bars, those are pretty helpful, just might be difficult to have on mat during flow - worth a try! Let me know how it goes! 
Deb T
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This was a great session!  Sadly, side planks with hip lifts are beyond me, ...not sure if it’s weak abs or upper body, but at 68 I’m just happy to have made it through the three series of flowing movements and followed your lead by modifying the side planks to the best of my ability!  Thanks again Robert for all your sessions.  Since starting your practices six months ago, my general strength, flexibility  and balance have greatly improved!  
Dayna Wildern
Thank you Robert, this was just what my body needed.  
Robert Sidoti
Hi Dayna Wildern !! You are so welcome - I'm so happy it felt good and worked for you!! See you soon! 
Sandra Židan
Thanks for this awesome practice, Robert! I feel so calm and relaxed after doing it! Namaste! 🔥🥰☀️
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