The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 6: Strengthen and Hold<br>Peter Sterios

The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 6: Strengthen and Hold
Peter Sterios

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Peter Sterios
Hi Christel Thanks for the comments. Happy to hear you had a positive experience.
Merav K
Broke down 20 minutes into it...too hard at this point for me
Peter Sterios
Hi Merav My apologies for not replying sooner. Its been a busy travel summer. Often when we approach a new practice, it can be difficult. Most people approaching the 7-day Pain-Free Challenge for the first time are looking to relieve some form of pain in their own body. Knowing that, I tried to choreograph the practice so one could slowly build up skill in managing discomfort. Obviously everyone is different and each of us possess different capacities in doing that. The "trick" to dealing with pain is to touch our discomfort as softly and consistently as we can - physically and psychologically. If the pace of the Challenge is too much for you, you can use it over a longer period of time and repeat any day that you need as many times as you need to before moving onto the next day. I have had students take up to 20 days to make it to Day 7. I wish you the best on your yoga journey.
Gabriel W
Really intense. Thank you
Eric M
HOLY MOLY! Thank you Peter
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