Inner Workings: Joint Mobilization
Emma Warmington

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Really love this one. Feeling so loose and light after releasing all the little knots. A great way to start the day. It’s the big reset button. :)
That's great, Simon . Sometimes it's the simplest practices that serve us best. I'm so happy you found it useful! Thanks for commenting :)
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Really enjoyed this, it was exactly what I needed to unkink my body and pep me up this afternoon :)
Thank you, Sarah !
It’s a simple one but very effective. Enjoy your day!
I feel like I've done this one 800 times already. I love this practice and come back to it regularly. Thank you
Incredibly relaxing after a poor night's sleep
Suzanna hey! I missed this comment before. I’m thrilled you have had so much use for this one. I hope it’s still serving you :)
Sue so glad to hear it :)
Really enjoyed this practice.
Great practice! I feel more vivid now! Regards!
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