5-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 1: Observe Your Thoughts
Rosemary Garrison

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Thanks Rosemary. The session went so quickly. I felt relaxed and at ease. More please. Namaste
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I can see that dropping my thoughts is going to be what I have to really practice. A thought would come, I'd tell myself to drop it, then my thoughts would be, "Is the thought still there? Did I drop it successfully? Nope, it's still there. Wait, drop this thought, too....okay, did I successfully drop that thought?" lol! I am so glad that I am beginning this journey!
That's exactly it! You're onto yourself and that's the most important step. Awareness. Stay with the watching and witnessing... and ENJOY!
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Wow it went by so fast, I closed my eyes then it was time to open them. Your voice is soothing. Thank you. 
Wow, that's wonderful you were at such peace and in sweet stillness. Thank you for sharing it, Amy P !
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Very enjoyable class. I almost fell asleep because I was so relaxed 
Mmmhhh, so good to be so relaxed. Thank you for sharing, Sheinoor H .
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