Body Poetry: Four Chambers of the Heart
Kristin Leal

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Started today with The Poetry of the Heart. When I observed I heard nothing when I wandered, mind went monkey
Sara S don't give up! I have been practicing 30 years and I still have those days too. We are just practicing the skill of listening:) Keep engaging with your practice and let me know how it goes
I've just finished listening/watching/experiencing the first 4 episodes. I love the reference to Poetry in regards to our bodies.  Absolutely awesome.  Thank you. Gerdi
Thank you so much Gerdi for practicing with me! Hope you enjoy the rest of the series:)
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wow kristin this was so profound and beautiful. i just love this.  can i share this meditation of the 4 chambers with family friends, students? thank you so much 
Melissa C Thank you so much for your kind words! Please share freely! xo
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Nice...heard your podcast on "sounds true"....happy to have this on this sight. Big thanks!!! Namaste'.....take good care!
Tracy C ! So happy we found each other here:) 
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