30 Minute Yoga Flows: Sun Salutation Flow
Sarah Beston

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Hi Gabriel! You're very welcome! Happy to practice with you!
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Great practice. Thanks again 
You're so welcome, Gabriel! Hope you are having a great week!
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A beautiful, flowing dance-like practice. It felt like a yoga version of 'Swan Lake' with large sweeping expressive movements, grounded by my breath. I had my eyes closed and was guided by your calming voice.  Thanks Sarah. Namaste.
You're so very welcome, Glenford N. I love the visual of Swan Lake here .. makes me want to go to the ballet! Wishing you a beautiful Easter weekend. Warmly, Sarah
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Felt like a Birgitte Kristen practice, but much quicker. So much gratitude that I pressed play.
Thank you for pressing play and practicing with me, David Goldstein! I will have to check out Birgitte's classes as well!
Thanks, Sarah, for this wonderful practice! Namaste! ❤️
How funny. It didn't say viewed and I did this with better fitness. Loved it. Second day in a row I practiced with your cues and revived my body after some vigorous biking. Today, my friend Piotr, also getting into yoga, decided we should go from Montclair to Princeton. That's a 100  miles. It is hot and humid. So yoga flow is really good to counterbalance the cycling position (similar to desk job posture). I took the challenge and closed my eyes, and then extended it for several minutes. Wow. That was fun. Your box breathing was subtle. You slowed the tempo and softened the dynamics and voice. That really calmed me down. I also want to thank Lydia Zamorano for teaching me how to improvise and find my practice. I started the pushups earlier and moved quicker than your cues. My body needed it, and the eyes closed kept me better focused. Sorry for all the exuberance. Namaste
Thank you, Sarah, wonderful movement, I feel so good. Love all the focus on the breath, love Lion's Breath in Down Dog! Thank you, thank you :)
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