30 Minute Yoga Flows: Embrace the Wobble<br>Sarah Beston

30 Minute Yoga Flows: Embrace the Wobble
Sarah Beston

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Kate M
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No... and yes - ! I've been at teaching yoga in various guises for about 8 years. But every class feels like new territory: the energy arising creates something unique every time. I feel my great challenge now is to tune into what is arising in my students and feel enough confidence to set aside my planning to dive into the present circumstances. (Thanks for asking!) : )
Sarah Beston
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Don't you just love that about yoga? I love how you describe teaching, Kate and yes, tuning into what is arising in your students in a given moment and being willing to throw out the "plan" is a beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing!
What a delightfully fun practice--lighthearted, energizing, and uplifting. Perfect for a freezing January morning. Thank you, Sarah Beston
Sarah Beston
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Hi Lori! So nice to hear - you made my day! These Cali mornings have been so chilly! (My east coast family is rolling their eyes right now - haha). Have a wonderful weekend! All the best, Sarah
Samantha E
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So many pops and clicks during this practice- awesome openers
Eva K
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I embraced the wobble and the wobble embraced me :D
Glenford N
I lost my balance several times but got up and kept trying. Falling upwards. You make it look so easy and graceful Sarah.  When I began focussing on my breath and my Dristi( a point of balance) I found my stability. A good life lesson. Namaste.
Sarah Beston
Namaste, Glenford N. As a gymnast growing up, balancing postures have always come easy to me. What hasn't always come easy is finding that sense of balance of the mat. For me, that is the practice! I am happy to here that you are falling upwards ... what a beautiful thought! Have a wonderful day.
Sharon R
OMG I loved this so much! I worked up a nice sweat, feel like I got a good overall workout, strength, stretch and definitely some wobble. Thank you. I look forward to your other classes.
Sandra Židan
Cool practice, Sarah! I feel more alive after doing it! Kind regards! 💖
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