The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 8: Fluid Impermanence<br>Wade Gotwals

The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 8: Fluid Impermanence
Wade Gotwals

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Kate I love that you are bringing up how relevant this is right now! Feels so important to have these reminders to help us stay the course and not fall into the abyss of fear...thank you thank you!
Lina S
I don't always see clearly how being present to oneself is related to letting go of control. I've got a glimpse of it at the end of the practice, but then when I think about it rationally I don't see the relation. When you mentioned the heart is the only non changing space, it resonated inside of me without knowing why. Maybe it's something we need to feel. Thank you. I appreciate your words, your teaching and the sequencing of your poses.
Hi Lina S this is a beautiful insight to have! I can't rationalize this either, :) I think the idea is we have/experience life with the analyzing cognizing mind and the intuitive/creative mind. We have more of the experience you are talking about with the intuitive (right brain) experience and this is just as you mentioned, more of a felt experience then an analyzed one...So enjoy the feeling and the connection that comes from it!!
this is also a fantastic class!  I gave my body a rest yesterday  and did the 7 & 8 challenge  right after each other . worked well for me. feeling  good
. thank you
Ivalo O oh thats great you did a double!! Those to go really well together as they focus on different areas of the body and energy centers!!
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