The Heart's Delight: A Summertime Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Committed
Sarah Beston

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Oh wow, Matthew S—how did it feel to revisit? Happy to be practicing together here! Warmly, Sarah
Ah, this was challenging but also great practice! Thanks, Sarah!
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Thanks for practicing, Sandra Židan! So happy that you enjoyed the summer challenge. Warmly, Sarah
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Sarah: that was a quick pace at 6 am and super tired from an intense sprint workout with buddies. I also stubbed my pinky toe. That is not a good injury for yoga. Loved the balance work this morning, and also the figure fours. What is reclined pigeon? Thanks,  David 
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Hi David G- Ouch! I have broken that pinky toe, so can understand what that might feel like. Balancing postures were actually really good for rehabbing a few broken toes a while back once they were healed enough to do so—they helped build strength back. Reclined pigeon is basically pigeon pose on your back or thread the needle where you cross your ankle over your knee as a hip opening stretched. Some people chose to do this stretch instead of pigeon, especially if they are experiencing any knee pain or injury. Hopefully that makes sense!
Yes, makes sense. First time I heard that. I can’t imagine having to lead a class with painful toes. I will add balance moves in. That makes sense too. My new injury is a blistered palm. Ouch. Life is still good! 
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