Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Detoxifying Pungent Practice<br>Ali Cramer

Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Detoxifying Pungent Practice
Ali Cramer

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Ali Cramer
Emily thank you! Happy New Year!
Sandra Židan
I feel great after doing this practice! Thanks, Ali, for sharing it with us! Kind regards!
Michelle F
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Hi Ali,
I felt so good  after yesterday´ssession, I decided to repeat the series - it´s very strange, I really have no recollection of attempting that twistycrow before- and it proved beyond me today haha! 
Look forward to trying again - repetition is key!
i hope this finds you well?
Ali Cramer
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Michelle F thank you so much! And yes, absolutely, with the trickier poses the repetition IS the “secret”. Sending gratitude. ❤️🙏🏽
Michelle F
Hey there again Ali!
wowee---what a difference a day makes right enough! i tried this again today - realised I was crossing my whole legs, not just ankles - little wonder I couldnt get into crow! Today the whole practice felt just splendid - many thanks!
Do you have any new series coming up ?
have a wonderful day!
Ali Cramer
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Michelle F right on! You figured it out-sometimes it takes a minute 😍. The planetary series was the latest one, perhaps another this year. Thanks so much for the support. 🙏🏽
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what a yummy practice! thanks Ali
Ali Cramer
Muntsa awww too sweet! Thank you 🙏🏽🤍
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