Get a Backbone: Fight for Your Pelvis
Kate Smith

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Craige! What?! Thank you for taking the time to look me up.... I appreciate the feedback and send you LOVE ... I hope our paths cross in-person at some point again. You're a dear friend....
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Kate, I agree. You are a great teacher. Any time you mention the advanced cues I brighten, especially when I falter. After all, I can take these classes again and get better and enjoy your humor and grounded sensibility. Loved the line about "taking it slow into child's pose like a pickup truck on a country road". See you on the mat soon. 
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Thank you for the kind words. My father offered me his old pickup truck when I was a sophomore in college and I jumped at the chance to have a car of my own! and even better -- a pickup truck! I still have that truck....So the image portrayed by the cue hits close to home. I hope you have a lovely weekend, David Goldstein 
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You should post a picture of that truck. Everyone who loved this practice will appreciate. You with dad and truck would be nice too.  
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David Goldstein you know.... come to think of it....I don't have a single picture of my dad and me with our truck....I'll have to make that happen!! :)))
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