Yoga for Down There: Breath for Pelvic Health<br>Shannon Crow

Yoga for Down There: Breath for Pelvic Health
Shannon Crow

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Megan P
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I am fascinated by the connection of breath to pelvic health,I have a history of endometriosis so I am learning to practice with attention to my pelvis❤️
Shannon Crow
Thanks for sharing Megan. I have a whole new appreciation for what endometriosis actually is after talking with a few women who shared their experience. I am glad that this practice is helpful and that it is connecting you to the very subtle parts of breath and movement and how the body and mind respond.
Ciara M
amazing, thank you x
Shannon Crow
You are so welcome Ciara M Happy breathing!
Followed you here from Amazon Shannon - love this gentle and effective practice. Kate.
Shannon Crow
So glad you found me here Kate! Thanks for doing some yoga with me. Reach out if you have any questions.
Lily A
Jellyfish breathing! The imagery really helped me tune into the “gracefulness” and flow of the breath. Thanks Shannon!
Shannon Crow
I love the image of jelly fish for that exact reason! Thanks for practicing with me Lily A
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