Aligned and Awake: Careful Core Strength
Nathan Briner

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From my heart to yours, thank you Nathan. This will be a favourite favourite practice. I found the level of the core work to be just right: enough challenge without forcing it. I held crane pose for longer than before, so I think I must be getting stronger, and it felt far more balanced and controlled than previously. Thank you again; I have loved this series.
Thank you Ali for sharing your experience. Happy to hear you’re enjoying the practices!
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On revisiting these practices I keep finding little jewels of yoga wisdom to incorporate into my practice.  Thank you Nathan for your insightful sessions.
Christel, great to hear it! Thanks 😊 
I am excited to share that we have just completed a brand new 30 day yoga challenge that will be ready in late December. Hope you’ll check it out. 
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I'm looking forward to participating in your 30 day yoga challenge!
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