Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Meet Yourself
Shelley Williams

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Hi Shelley, this will be my fourth time through the challenge. The 1/2 level and a 30 minute daily practice work really well for me. Whenever I get lazy about deciding which classes to do, I come back for another round with you. I really enjoy your teaching style. Thanks so much.
Chrys Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, just getting this!  How wonderful that you felt good support from this challenge and series. What a compliment.. so much appreciation, and I hope you are sailing into 2020 with a light heart!
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thank you, so needed this today after a break...lovely practice XxXx
Jo Thank you for your note! I hope these practices are a great home accompaniment to life right now...  Sending my best
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It took me a long time to decide which chalange to take. After my first day i am thrilled with my teacher for next 29 days. Loved the energy, voice and how the practice feels at the end.
sasaShelley Williams is fantastic! great choice!
Day 1 & feeling my wrists will use blocks tomorrow 
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Lorraine, meanwhile, you might find some relief with these practices: 


sasa HI Sasa! Just checking in with you! How is the challenge going, and how are YOU? Sending virtual hugs!
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Shelley!  I am so happy tell you than I'm doing your 30 day challenge for the second consecutive time.  I did The Sweetheart 10day right after, too. I can't tell you how different I feel this time round.  Stronger legs for Warrior poses and looser shoulders for hand clasp behind the back, looser in the front hip for bridge pose.  I was so tight and fragile at first round, and now its so much better!  Listening to my body and not forcing and over stretching really paid off for the second round.  It was worth sticking with the challenges and I'm on the path for my goal for improved strength and flexibility.  Thank you!
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