Living the Yamas and Niyamas: Brahmacharya<br>Robert Sidoti

Living the Yamas and Niyamas: Brahmacharya
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti
Hey there my friend Ch Marie d’I :)) You are referring to your trip to Greece right? I'm sure you're missing it a lot - having never been, I can imagine what a special place it is! I'm happy the practice was helpful for you. 
Cindy B
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Robert,I have been enjoying these practices in this series and your cuing is awesome.  I rarely have to look at the screen.  My only comment is that I am a level 1/2, so 45 minutes of level 2 is extremely challenging!  I know I can do modifications, but it’s a long session.  Just my thoughts.  🙏
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Cindy B !! Thanks for your comment and for practicing here! Have you tried any of the 20 minute practices on Yoga Anytime? I have a couple 30 Day Challenges, all videos are 20 minutes. I know there are a lot more from other instructors you may enjoy too! Lemme know if you need any specific guidance, happy to help! Also - with consistent practice, you may find these 45 minute practices becoming more doable??
Anne Marie V
Thank you, Robert. Your cue about activating the core as a point of generating energy felt right on to me today.
Tracy C
Thanks! I needed that!! Cheers!
Christa K
Loved this class. It really made me reflect on how I spend my energy, especially as a mom. =) Thank you! 
Powerful lessons in this practice, on expending and retaining energy. So relevant right now. The core was intense! And taking an extra long savasana was so needed. Thank you for your guidance, Robert Sidoti 
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