Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence: Go-to Sequence v.1<br>Alana Mitnick

Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence: Go-to Sequence v.1
Alana Mitnick

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Alana Mitnick
Ch Marie d’I, Your comment made my day! So delighted to hear that you are "back on track" and enjoying your 30-Minute "Go-To" practice. Yoga makes such a difference in the quality of my day... and it's so easy to get busy and forget what calm energy and relief feels like. Thank YOU for being here! Love, Alana 
Sandra Židan
Nice practice! Thanks, Alana!
Alana Mitnick
Sandra Židan, Thank you for joining us in the 30-Minute "Go-To" sequence! So delighted to be practicing together. Best wishes and love, Alana 
Sara S
OK, I tried again, this time I could do the poses fairly well but with transitioning, I lose flow 
David G-
That was great active recovery, and then doing Rosemary's version right afterwards was neat! Dug the cues of wide in the back of the skull and lower back. As you can tell, I am feeling good! Best, David 
Tracey S
So so good, love this sequence. Thanks, Alana!
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