Keepin' it Real: Flow to Restore<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Flow to Restore
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti
Hiiii Joan !! You're the best, I'm so so happy and grateful for you being here and glad you feel the benefits - Top 10 huh, love that! 
Ch Marie d’I
Back to this serie, true pleasure and feeling so calm. 🙏
Robert Sidoti
Welcome 'hooooome' Ch Marie d’I  :)) Nice to see you here! 
Eric M
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Me again! Thank you for this practice Robert. Just what I needed to ease myself back into daily practice after a few days off. Namaste my friend!
Robert Sidoti
Namaste to you my friend Eric M !! Glad it was helpful in getting you back on the mat - sometimes the hardest part! Thank YOU! 
Jill M
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I absolutely loved this! I feel calm yet energized. I also enjoyed your uplifting comments during the practice.  
Robert Sidoti
Hey hey Jill M  - sooo happy you enjoyed this one - thanks for the comment here! Nice balance of energizing and calm sensations :)) 
Jean C
Hi Robert. Have enjoyed many of your classes but first time writing to say much gratitude.  I was post migraine and needed something to revive and restore my body.  I feel sooo much better than I did 31 minutes ago!
Deb T
Loved this practice.  The integrated flow from pose to pose woke up every part of my body and I feel energized!
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