60 Minute Yoga Flows: Get Bendy
Wade Gotwals

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Dorothy oh so good to see in the forum, what a surprise!! ! I hope LA is treating you well and we can connect in CA when all of this slows down bit= happy to have you with the Yoga Anytime family :) 
Soul I'm so glad you felt this and it helped you open up with more ease! It's like putting a puzzle together when sequencing and so fun to find ways to make challenging poses feel good! Hope you had a great weekend!
Although I've found this practice a little demanding I really enjoyed the way you've built the sequence :) I felt more bendy now but regret not being able to get to more difficult poses due to my right shoulder injury.Thank you. Namaste
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Wade, this is such a perfect balance of stretching and strengthening. Thank you! 
Hi Aleksandra R my apologizes for responding so late to this! I hope your shoulder has made a recovery and you feel more freedom in your movements!

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Great to hear from you Brenda S so great that you felt the balance of this practice and resonated with it!!
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Loved this practice   Thanks for this wonderful 60 mins 
Hi Devi N so happy you were feeling and enjoying the practice!
 Got real bendy - love to be a yogic messenger.  As always, THANKS WADE! You are one of my fave teachers!
Hi Melissa So great to hear from you and love that you are bending and flowing with me, but more importantly embracing the role of the Yogic Messenger! YEAHHH!!!
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