The Bhakti Show: Ocean of Devotion
Astrud Castillo

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Hi Astrud. I just took this class today again. It's Mother's Day and after weeks of home schooling and being under isolation, this class is the perfect gift in so many ways. I feel appreciated, nourished and connected to you and everything out there. Love, (Swiss) Jasmine
BEAUTY---- how are you??  Happy belated Mothers day!! Its fathers day here today in the U.S. I love that we can connect here. I miss you and wish you all the goodness. I hope your spirit is well and family is healthy. Its been quite a YEAR so far. Happy summer solstice! love and light!!!
I truly enjoy practicing with you. The practice is the perfect workout and I love the balance between strength and balance. I’m even chanting along. Thank you!❤️
Tonia ah Tonia, so glad to hear! Yes keep chanting. It’s medicine!!!!
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