The Bhakti Show: Welcome to Bhakti Yoga<br>Julia Berkeley

The Bhakti Show: Welcome to Bhakti Yoga
Julia Berkeley

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Hoda G
Could be Paravati?
Ganesha in photo? 
You have Siva there too...
Julia Berkeley
Hoda Hi there, The image has Lakshmi, Saraswati and Ganesha all together with Lakshmi as the biggest one. Hope that helps! Namaste
Lily A
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Such beautiful energy!!
Julia Berkeley
Lily A so glad you're here x

Amelia W
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I just did a yoga retreat in Mexico with Julia. It was soooooo amazing!!! I’m really glad that I can “continue” my retreat here with Julia. It’s such a blessing to have Julia’s presence in my life ❤️
Julia Berkeley
Yay Amelia W ! So lovely to see you here 💖🥰💖
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