60 Minute Yoga Flows: Release and Reset<br>Sarah Beston

60 Minute Yoga Flows: Release and Reset
Sarah Beston

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Sarah Beston
Ali, I am so very happy to hear—thank you for sharing! I feel so lucky that I get to share the practices that have helped me so much in my own growth and healing journey. I look forward to practicing with you again soon! Warmly, Sarah
Silke I
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I wasn't sure if I really should practice this morning because I have a pain in the lower back (probably from too much sitting...). But your wonderful flow guidance helped to circulate back the energy and cleanse out what needed to be cleansed out. Now I feel stable, centered and light. I loved the yoga hour with you today, thank you!
Sarah Beston
So wonderful to hear, Silke I! Thank you for sharing and I hope to practice together soon. Wishing you a wonderful week!
Bianca E
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Really beautiful class...so seamless and calming. Body feels ready for the day. 
Sarah Beston
I am so happy to hear that this practice was helpful, Bianca E! Thanks for practicing with me here and hope to practice with you again soon. Warmly, Sarah
David G-
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Thank you for another wonderful flow. For the second day in a row I had a huge blood sugar drop after practicing like this, which is pretty cool as I felt sooo good during.  
Sarah Beston
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Oh that's really neat, David G-! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and glad to be practicing together here with you.
Lenise Jay
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Thank you for the session!
Sarah Beston
Thank you for practicing with me, Lenise Jay!
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