Keepin' it Real: Strong Legs, Open Hips<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Strong Legs, Open Hips
Robert Sidoti

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Eric M
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Awesome, thank you Robert. On lockdown in the UK, but getting the daily practice with you. 
Robert Sidoti
Good morning and day to you Eric ✌️😎 Thanks for sharing here! So grateful we all have the online and virtual option during these lockdown times! Nice to ‘meet’ you Eric, I’m sending good positive vibes to you all in the UK! 
See you on the mat soon I hope! Robert
Danielle M
I started my journey at the start of lock down and have done 2 of roberts challenges and now im on this flow i love it despite struggling with breath due to asthma and allergic rhinitis and an old tendon injury that shortened one of my arms robert is very clear and i always feel a sense of achevement 
Sandra Židan
Nice practice, Robert, although some parts of it were not easy for me to do them! Kind regards!
Deb T
Definitely a difficult session for me but I know I have tight hips so not surprised.  Still, I embraced the practice and am ready for tomorrow. Thanks Robert! 
Amanda H
Grateful for this session, I loved the hip opening but my thighs were screaming.
Practice practice practice.
Sharon O
Whew! Loved this and worked hard thru your instruction to keep my mind calm and let go in my body. Thank you!
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