Soulful Flow: Empowered Fiery Flow
Sarah Beston

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That was great. We (my partner and i) are really enjoying the dynamic nature of your classes. Hello from Victoria Aus in stage 4 lockdown x
Hi Leesa! So happy to be practicing with you and love that you’re joining from Victoria. I hope to visit beautiful Australia some day. Sending warmth from California. Warmly, Sarah
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Magical sequencing and pacing in this wonderful practice, which was oddly perfect on this fiery hot day. Thank you, Sarah.
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Hi Sarah. Loving your practices from sunny South Africa. Thank you
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Hi Lori C—sorry to miss this message from a few months back! I'm assuming it isn't a fiery hot day there today? It's cold and windy here in LA and really enjoying the cooler weather. Sending love!
Hi Heidi G! I am so happy to be practicing with you here and love that we can connect from across the globe. I have always wanted to visit South Africa—I hope to make it there one day. Sending warmth from chilly (!) Los Angeles!
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