Dynamic Flow: Strong and Mindful Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Dynamic Flow: Strong and Mindful Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Eric M
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Thank you Robert. Just enjoyed this practice for about the 4th time. Always more space to find, and today I got way deeper into my tight legs, felt like another breakthrough. Namaste, may the force be with you. Can I ask for a Bill & Ted style “be excellent to one another” on a closing out next time.
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Eric !! Thanks so much for the comment and for practicing with me here - been loving these live classes from home, great way to stay connected to you and the others!! I will 'most definitely' (said with Bill and Ted accent) close with 'be excellent to one another' - couldn't be more appropriate! 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there inNourish (Maryma) I love hearing from you all the way from New Zealand, still a place I have yet to visit, sooooon though! You are awesome and we are all grateful to have your energy and commitment here! I'll definitely check out your chants, you've shared with me before and I have loved them, thank you!! 
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I love the constant reminders for positive self-talk in this class. And I love the comment about being in love with what our bodies can do. Thank you Robert.
Kira C
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This was another amazing class.  It was challenging, but I did it ( most of it anyway) and I to am amazed how quickly the hour goes.  I have a question though.  In 3 legged dwdog  my grounded legs heel migrates to the side of the raised leg.  How can I correct this.  Also I have trouble keeping the grounding foot straight ( front to back) in half moon sometimes.  Any tips?  Thanks!

Christel B
Liked your comment about not being here for a quick fix but for the long haul to understand what I've been given. Great workout!
Julie Bell V
Beautiful class!!  Thank you so much, Robert!
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