Soulful Flow: Integrated Flow<br>Sarah Beston

Soulful Flow: Integrated Flow
Sarah Beston

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Thank you Sarah! Loved the connection of the chakras and elements to culminate a great finish to a great series! 💜
Sarah Beston
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Thank you so much for practicing with me here, Marlo! Glad to be sharing this series with you and sending love from California!
Tonia T
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I just finished my first entire season with you and I love practicing with you. You always bring me in slow and I end up having the best workouts! I love all the chakras and how you led us through each practice. Thank you!❤️
Sarah Beston
Hi Tonia T, I’m so happy to hear and it’s a pleasure to practice with you here. Thank you for sharing your experience. Have a beautiful day!
Marcus G
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Thank you so much for this season Sarah! Am intending to be with you live again soon! Always love practicing with you.
Sarah Beston
Looking forward to seeing you in class, Marcus G! Hope all is well and great to be practicing with you here on Yoga Anytime.
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