Keepin` it Real: Dynamic Core Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin` it Real: Dynamic Core Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Joan J
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I like how this class challenges me.  I notice more strength each time I practice, and my balance is improving.  I can achieve airplane balancing on my right foot, left foot is still difficult.  Always love the stretching🌸
Robert Sidoti
Hiiiii Joan !! Always appreciate your feedback and comments - thanks for sharing how you feel and your progress! Feeling stronger is a great feeling, very happy for you Joan! Have a great day! 
Ch Marie d’I
First time I do this one, though you have a very similar video.... Not having done yoga for only 5 days it felt like months , so after 20’ I slowed down ; will come back soon as many times as necessary ;) Winter days, lockdowns and late nights devour my energy . So even 20´ every day seems to be a necessary routine!
Robert Sidoti
We are all so fortunate to have these online offerings to help us stay connected with ourselves and with others - good job staying consistent and showing up as often as you do Ch Marie d’I  - I'm right here with you! 
Hannah H
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This one was a challenge for me in the best way. I'm glad I made it to the end! I'm enjoying this show. Thanks, Robert!
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Hannah H !! Congrats on making it to the end, always feels good to complete something challenging! So happy you are here enjoying the series! All my best, Robert 
Sharon O
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Love your challenges and love you helping us find the ease! Thank you for this class. Ques from you I remember in all my practices “best day ever” “it’s magic” ! Thanks for these gifts 🙏🏻💟☮️
David G-
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That was a blast! Seems like all my teachers are talking about passing gas lately. Like that addition of mountain climbers. Warrior 3 holds were long! 
Robert Sidoti
Thank you so much for this sweet comment and sharing Sharon O 🙏🏽🙌🏼 
Best daaaaaay eveeeeer!! Effort and ease - power and sweetness - contraction and release - lots of combos, but very necessary to find this balance, glad you’re feeling the ease my friend! 
Lots of love, Robert
Robert Sidoti
David G- !! How are you?! How’s your YTT going? Passing gas, gotta do it :))
So many ways to mix up, add and have fun in these yoga practices!! Thanks for being here my friend! 
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