The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Slow Hip Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Slow Hip Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Rosanna S
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Wow, this class was really tough for me. I've always struggled with tight hips, and some of the strengthening was on the verge of painful. I probably needed some more gentle modifications. After all the strengthening, the restorative and relaxation part at the end felt wonderful! Maybe this is what I've been missing in opening up those hips!
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Rosanna S !! Thanks so much for your feedback/comment! Oh man, I hear you, tough area for so many - maybe stick with more of the restorative and relaxing postures in the beginning, focus on your breathing so to create a nice and calm/peaceful environment in mind/body - then be patient and enjoy the ride to more spacious hips :)) Then start to add the strengthening aspect - loads of value in stabilizing and strengthening! Don't hesitate to message if you need assistance. 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Rosanna S !! Thanks for your comment, I always appreciate and love hearing peoples experience! Oh man, those hips can be a tough are to tackle :) Stick with the restorative and relaxing postures for now, focus on fluid, spacious and peaceful breathing so to create an environment for body to open and release. When it feels right for you - start to bring in the more challenging postures that can add stability and strength - much value in doing that! All my best, Robert
Sandra Židan
I am really greatful for this practice! Thanks, Robert! Kind regards!
Fabian H
nice thursday afternoon practice :))
David G-
Robert: dug that story about your 5-day retreat and the emotions that boiled up for that engineer. Speaking from recent experience, the last year has opened more than just space in my body. The upper back rotations and pigeon were huge.   Do you have live Zoom classes? I've popped in with a few teachers this summer and it so freaking cool. Namaste and I agree about turning 50. 
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