The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Feel Good Flow with Shelley
Shelley Williams

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Andrea G Thank you so much Andrea! Great to have you on here!

Rachel S Thank you Rachel! So glad you liked the flow, and thank you for participating!

Amanda P Thank you Amanda! Have a great day!
Angela M Thank you Angela!  Have a fantastic day!
Shelley Williams And to you and yours!! Be well! Love and Light : )
Thank you Shelley! Love this practice to get me going this morning and really enjoyed your chat with Kira at the beginning!
Always love your practices, Shelley! Please keep them coming. What a calming voice and practice, much-needed for my body and soul during this difficult time 
great class and nice variation on 'thread the needle' i'd not come across before. thanks.
Lovely flow! Thank you! Namaste
Thanks, Shelley, for this beautiful practice- it made me aware of my feelings. Kind regards from Croatia! 🌹❤️💝🌼
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