Keepin` it Real: Strong and Alive in Your Power<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin` it Real: Strong and Alive in Your Power
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti
Hellooooo Marisol from Scotland! It is my pleasure to share these practices with you and anybody else interested in feeling great! It wouldn't happen without you making this a priority in your life, so good for you!
Ana S
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Thank you Robert. All your videos inspire me to understand and love yoga even more.
Marty M
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Good Morning Robert and Friends! This was one of my favorite routines yet. I love the emphasis on strength through pushups and squats. Great workout!
Robert Sidoti
This is so great to hear Ana - thanks so much for sharing this here!! Hope you have a beautiful day! Much love
Robert Sidoti
Good morning Marty !! I so appreciate your comment, thank you for taking the time to write and share! I too am a big fan of the strength, feels empowering and very necessary! Please keep me posted on how you feel or if you have any questions I can be a help with! With gratitude, Robert
Kathleen F
"Girl" push-up? Really? You couldn't call it a modified push-up? I will not be watching anymore of Robert's episodes since he apparently thinks girls are weak.
Robert Sidoti
Hi Kathleen  - it was not my intention to share this modification and option as a ‘weaker’ or more girlie option. I know in my heart and my intention this to be true - women are very strong in every way, I would never want to express anything other than that when speaking of women🙏🏽 with that said I am truly sorry you interpreted it this way, or felt for one second offended or put off. 
When using that ‘girl push-up’ language, I was referring only to the placement of limbs and shape so to make the push-up more doable and  safe. It was more like a familiar shape to imagine or refer to for anyone needing the ‘permission’ to drop knees :) 
I appreciate your mentioning, I will think twice about using that language next time. 
Hope you find some awesome classes here on Yoga Anytime, tons of amazing instructors! 
Sandra Židan
Great practice! Thanks, Robert!
Sharon O
Whew—ma hips needed this! Goibg they YA taking your classes I’ve missed. Your cues for good form are much appreciated!
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