The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Breathe & Release with Nathan<br>Nathan Briner

The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Breathe & Release with Nathan
Nathan Briner

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Angela M
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I enjoyed the flow of this class and the emphasis on opening up the chest. Thank you!
Nathan Briner
Angela M, thank you. Glad you enjoyed. We’ve got some more really cool new classes coming soon. Stay tuned :)
Julie M
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Hi Nathan  many thanks for this beautiful practice and focus on soft breath.  I feel very calm and tranquil after this session.  I will definitely do it again soon and I am so glad to hear that you are doing a new series and I hope that this focus will be a part of that.  I started with your challenge last year when we had first gone into lockdown in England and it has helped me so much over the past year and my practice has really deepened.  I am excited that you are planning a new series and look forward to practicing with you again.
Nathan Briner
Hi Julie M! Thank you for joining me in this practice, and all the way from The UK. I hope things are going well and you’re staying safe and healthy. 
We are planning to film our next series in a few weeks. The focus you saw in this class will definitely be a part of the new work and much more! 
I look forward to seeing you there! 
All my best! 🙏
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Wonderful practice! This helped me shake off so much physical and emotional tension (I parent a neurodivergent teen) and reminded me to breathe which I completely forget to do in stressful times. Thank you! 
Nathan Briner
Silvana! Great to have you here and enjoying the practice. I am really happy to know that it’s helping you recenter and unwind 🙏

David G-
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Nathan: Message from the future. This was one of my favorite YA shows. The square metaphor, the make space cue, really all the cues just lit up my mind and practice. I used a wall for the half bound lotus stand as I had poor balance and that is still new to my practice, but that might be helpful modification for anyone in the future too... Best, David 
Nathan Briner
David G-, great to hear from you! I think the wall support for balancing poses is great advice. 
If you liked the cueing and concepts in this class I think you’ll really enjoy my Align with Freedom 30 day yoga challenge as well. 
All my best!
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