The Art of Vinyasa Sequencing: Principles of Vinyasa
Rosemary Garrison

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So many gems in this.. Thank you for sharing! 
So happy to hear that, Amani M ! It was such a pleasure to create and to share. Namaste
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Thank u so much for your insights and knowledge…I connected and identified with everything u a new teacher it was wonderful to feel affirmation of principles I’ve long held as a practitioner ❤️
This is so meaningful to hear, Arwen M . Thank you for taking the time to share. I also really appreciate that you've held these principles as a practitioner. Seems as though you are really tuned in- to yourself and to the deeper layers of the practice. I hope your teaching flourishes! 
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Wow, just what I needed. Very affirming as I immerse myself to teaching yoga, asanas, that I am on the right path and just need to keep at it. Thank you so much, this is what every teacher needs to hear, very much applicable even outside the yoga asana practice. Humbled by the practice, always.
Wow, thank you, Jyotii S ! This means so much. Yes, it seems you are absolutely on the right path. I especially appreciate that this had resonance for you beyond the asana practice. It's all connected, isn't it?! Be well, R
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