Gentle Yoga: Spacious Hips
Alana Mitnick

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What a delightful class🙆 You are so lovely and delicate, but also very clear and precise. Beautiful. Thank you🙏💞
Welcome Hortensia G! I appreciate your words and presence. So delighted to be practicing Yoga together. Stay close and let me know how I can help support you. Have a wonderful weekend! Warmly, Alana 
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Ah,   Lovely 💕
Hi Susan R, So happy you enjoyed this practice. The side body and hip opening feel so good. Have a beautiful weekend! Love, Alana 
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I haven't done yoga in a long time but love every minute of it!  Especially with you Alana!  Really looking forward to every session!  Thanks for making it so enjoyable!  With love from a warm South Africa! xxx
Albe V, Your words warm my heart. I am so happy to be practicing Yoga together! It should be enjoyable, right?! Grateful for your presence. Xo Love, Alana 
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Oh my goodness, that was so good. This one is going in my favorites list, for sure. Thank you, Alana!
So glad you loved this practice, Rachel S. It's one of my very favorites too! Feels so good to open the hips and stretch the side body. So happy you're in your yoga flow. Love, Alana 
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