Gentle Yoga: Gentle Flow
Alana Mitnick

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Thank you for this practice. This time of the year , the garden need tending. My body thanks you
Sara S, So glad you enjoyed this gentle flow. Yes... the garden and body both need tending and TLC! Love, Alana 
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I loved this practice! 
I do have a question about hammock pose: should my legs and hips be more vertical (like in wide legged forward fold) or should the body weight be more forward like in downward dog? Both feel a bit wobbly and unstable in my body, though using blocks definitely helped. 
Hi Leah K! So glad you enjoyed this practice. Great question! From your Wide Forward Fold (also known as prasarita padottanasana), walk your hands/blocks forward, then draw your hips and weight back as you let your spine soften and "hang like a hammock." It might feel like your heart is releasing towards the floor. Let your neck relax. You might try this with the knees bent and lift your sitting bones up towards the sky. Play with your feet parallel, facing forward. Let me know how this feels and any questions that arise. Thank you so much for being here! Love, Alana 
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Lovely class, Alana!  
Rachel S, So happy that you enjoyed this gentle flow. What a beautiful time of year to move, breathe, center, and find some relief. Wishing you a healthy and beautiful holiday season and new year! XoA
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The Gentle Flow Season 2 Episode 5 was on the agenda for me this morning.  After a weekend of being sick, this was a wonderful step towards feeling like myself again.  I love the ocean waves in the background, the ocean as a visual and Alana you are the best!  I've never been as relaxed in my studio classes as I am in your classes. Practicing in the comfort of my sunroom with soft music, a Zen-like atmosphere and you're wonderfully incredible teaching style makes this addictive in a good way!   Thank you Yoga Anytime and Alana. Namaste Friends:)
Dorinda W, I am so glad that you are feeling better and easing back in with Gentle Yoga. Thank you for sharing your experience of Yoga... what a peaceful and relaxing environment you have created for yourself and your practice. So grateful for your presence here, Dorinda! Namaste and love, Alana 
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