Joyful Flow: Flow into Ease
Wade Gotwals

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Hi Wade, It is an absolute pleasure to practice with you. You're filled with joy and it just flows right out of the screen - no pun intended! Many, many heartfelt thanks.
Hi Jennifer L oh thank you so much, I am glad you are still feeling the connection and intention- thank you for sharing your good energy with me and the forum!! win win 
thank you! that felt so good. another perfect practice.

This was such an amazing practice, thank you, Wade! I'm going to go back & do the others. I loved the sequencing and pacing and the new versions of movements I had done before and some totally new ones. This was so wonderful, thank you.
Great to hear from you Tracey S ! So glad this practice resonated with you, it's one of my go-to's for find space in the body- always a feel good one!!
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