20 Minute Yoga Flows: Flow Like Water<br>Sarah Beston

20 Minute Yoga Flows: Flow Like Water
Sarah Beston

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Jennifer Love
I have followed this practice many times and I love it every time! Great pace and compassionate flow of poses. Thank you for your voice and guidance. Thank you for helping to invite peace and ease to my morning.
Sarah Beston
Thank you so much for sharing, Jennifer Love! It's a pleasure to be practicing with you here on Yoga Anytime. Wishing you a beautiful day! Warm regards, Sarah
Laura M
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Wow this is a perfect little flow when you have a short amount of time. I’m stretched out and ready for my day. Thank you Sarah!
Sarah Beston
So happy to hear, Laura M! Happy to be practicing with you here!
Brigitte M
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This was just on point for me today. Feeling ready to jump into the ocean of adventures awaiting us today with first day of kindergarden and first day of school... will remember the watery ease when my heart gets a little heavy today... thank you!
Sarah Beston
Oh wow, Brigitte M—first day of kindergarten! I can imagine that absolutely must be an emotional time. Thank you for sharing and happy that these practices can translate into our lives off of our mats. Lots of love, Sarah
Rachel S
These 20 minute practices really are so great! On days when I think, "Oh no! I don't have time for my yoga practice today!" I talk myself out of it by reminding myself I can do a 20 minute practice. And it's enough! Perfect, even! Thank you!
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