Wake Up with Yoga: Whole Body Flow<br>Sarah Manwaring

Wake Up with Yoga: Whole Body Flow
Sarah Manwaring

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David G-
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I woke up to find the eyes of my heart! What cool phrasing. Loved all the subtle cues again. I worked up a sweat, which I needed as I have a long day of sitting ahead. Thanks for the quad stretching as well. I too loved the closing of giving back our practice to the Earth.

( Fun fact: I taught a girl last year in creative writing who is your twin. )
Sarah Manwaring
David Goldstein Have a wonderful day, happy the metaphors are resonating & that your quads are happy! I look forward to more practices together soon. 
Kate M
Thank you Sarah Manwaring ! I especially delighted in the feeling of support for the hip flexors with the block as a support under the quad. Nice balanced practice! Love.
can't quite put my finger on why, but I liked this a lot - thanks Sarah.
Sarah Manwaring
Kate M wonderful, I'm so glad the block created a feeling of support and that you felt balanced after the practice. have a wonderful day!
Sarah Manwaring
Matthew indeed, sometimes there is no single thing we do that makes a difference, and yet, the practices shift us.  Have a wonderful day. 
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