30 Minute Yoga Flows: Flow into Yin<br>Wade Gotwals

30 Minute Yoga Flows: Flow into Yin
Wade Gotwals

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Hey David G- Always great to hear from you and good news it looks like our next show will be one of these Vinyasa and Yin series!
Juan Ignacio H
Thank you so much Wade, i dont know what it is but the way you give the practice always motivates me and leaves me in peace and with a big smile. Thanks for you knowledge and energy
Hi Juan Ignacio H it's great to connect with you and so glad you are feeling all the effects during and after, the yoga glow!!!
Laura M
What a beautiful practice. I feel so good. Thank you!!
Hi Laura M Yes to all the feels of yoga, especially when they bring us back to peace and happiness - thank you for the share!!
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