Yoga for Vitality: Core Balance
Patti Lewis

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I really like the use of blocks in this practice and the cool progression to Garudāsana!! Love, love.
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Kate M Thanks for doing the practice Kate!
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Very good practice with helpful instructions. I like your classes. They help me to come deeper and make progress. Thank you.
😊 🙏 
Pia A Oh Pia thank you for letting me know that.  I am so glad you are enjoying them!
Patti Lewis , oh my goodness! I've done 3 of your classes now, and I'm just so amazed by how I feel afterwards. Your classes have the perfect pacing and instruction to be mellow yet strong. I feel so centered and alive. As a teacher, your voice reminds me of a loving n
mother, nurse, or caretaker. I feel so cared for and nourished. This is so needed right now as I struggle with burnout. Thank you so much 💓. 
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Rosanna S Rosanna thank you so much for such positive feedback! I am sorry you are struggling with burnout and so glad that you have this tool of Yoga Anytime and on demand videos to help you feel cared for and nourished.   You are so very welcome!
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