Keepin' it Real: Morning Mobility Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Always good to mix up our practices Matthew  :)
Hello there Sharon O !! Thanks so much for your kind words - I too am grateful you're here practicing with us all - virtual connections are worth something for sure! 
Hey there Emily S !! Thanks for your comment and support - I too am always impressed with Yoga Anytime and how they continue to grow, expand and manage to honor the yoga practice in a very competitive market  :)) Happy to see you here!! 
Yes David G-  - there does seem to be magic everywhere if we choose to see it :)) Squats are essential to a healthy good functioning body - both strong and mobile - keep up the good work my friend and thanks so much for commenting and sharing, means alot!! 
That whole flippy dog and stretchy pigeon was divine.  Your new digs/background is also lovely.  Thanks for another great practice.

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