Keepin' it Real: Strong Vinyasa Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Strong Vinyasa Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti
Matthew Always good to have you here with us!! 
Robert Sidoti
Kira C Well as long as you're having some fun in the 'falling' - wouldn't be very fun if we had it all figured out :)) It's in the getting back up that matters, the sense of humor and excitement to work on it and try it again! Love seeing you here!! 
Lina S
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I've enjoyed the Goddess pose variation and the various backbends during the practice.
Kate M
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Nice balanced sequence! Thanks Robert Sidoti !! It felt great : )
Tracey S
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Great 30 min. strengthening sequence, thank you, Robert! Loved the standing flows. Love wheel (tho I have to do a knee hug after for my low back :) ). Love the "holding a tray" addition in extended side angle pose. And the elbows pressing down when doing bridge. Ty!!
Robert Sidoti
Thanks for the feedback Tracey S !! Always nice to have you here with us!! 
Robert Sidoti
Good day to you Kate M !! Glad the practice 'felt great' for you - thank you for your feedback and comment!! 
Sandra Židan
Great practice, Robert! I loved doing it! Namaste! 🌞🤗
Donna C
Excellent lunch time yoga session. I love your classes. They are perfect for me. They work me out and challenge me. Thank you for a great class. BTW my slow count is a lot faster than yours. Lol
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