20 Minute Yoga Flows: Trust the Process<br>Sarah Beston

20 Minute Yoga Flows: Trust the Process
Sarah Beston

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Penélope A
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Lovely practice, Sarah. " Listen to understand, not to respond" Loved that insight. Thank you 
Sarah Beston
I love that insight as well, Penélope A! I wish I had a proper credit on who I heard that from first, but I've heard it throughout my life when I need to hear it most. Warmest regards, Sarah
David G-
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I loved how you wove the throat opening throughout. This complemented an indoor bike trainer workout really well. Such great energy and comments from our classmates. 
Sarah Beston
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I really love being able to connect with the community in these forums—totally agree, David G-!
Brigitte M
Same as Penélope, I loved the insight „listen to understand rather than listen to respond“. I shall implement this more often in my daily life with my children as well. 💛
Sarah Beston
I love the idea of bringing this to your children, Brigitte M. Such a beautiful way to be with kids. Would love to hear any insights you have while doing so. (And it looks like the original author of that quote was Stephen Covey to give proper credit. xo)
Jennifer Love
Thank you for this practice, Sarah! Your words came through powerfully, simply and with resonance. You are a gift.
Kate M
Namaste, Sarah. Thank you for this practice : )
Rachel S
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Oh, that was fabulous. I almost talked myself out of my yoga practice this morning, but then I remembered I could do 20 minutes. Thank you for these! 
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