Yoga with Injuries: Neck & Upper Back Relief<br>Olivia Barry

Yoga with Injuries: Neck & Upper Back Relief
Olivia Barry

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Lanelle G
The turning your head in the extended side angle is GREAT. I naturally stretched my neck up to get my side of my neck muscles (scalene?) Lanelle
Olivia B
Hi Lanelle G! It is one of the best I know for stretching the neck.  Gets right in there!! I like hat you "stretched your neck up" too! If you mean that you leaned your back and then rotated your neck so your face turned towards the sky, then yes, you ended up in a classic scalene stretch!
Rachel S
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Thank you! I appreciated the care put into this flow. I found this to be a pretty inaccessible class, though, for folks in larger bodies or with mobility issues, which was surprising because it's for mobility. I would have loved some mods with straps in all of the Dhanurasana work. I ended up mostly skipping that part because it hurt my shoulders, neck, and knees. Just some feedback for future mobility classes!  
Olivia B
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Thank you for taking the time to explore this practice and comment on your experience$rachels">Rachel S. I'm sorry it wasn't a good fit. Your suggestion of adding the strap helps with knee, shoulder, and neck challenges in Dhanurasana and its variations. Certainly it would have been wise to include in this sequence.  We teachers are always learning from our students! For the final seated twist, I'd be curious if twisting the opposite direction - for example, twisting right when the left foot is flat and the left knee is up - would make the spinal rotation more accessible for you. Please don't hesitate to comment again with anything that might come up. I'm here to help make these practices work for you.
Diane C
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Worked like magic relieving stress and discomfort in the neck region after a long day of work. So grateful for this practice and your guidance. 
Olivia B
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Diane C I'm so glad you got some relief after work. By the end of the day, the tension can really creep up into the neck and shoulder area.  That's great news that this practice was of use to you.  Good work!  Hope to see you soon! Olivia
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