Mother Tongue: Seeing and Sounding the Vowels
Anuradha Choudry

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(Edited by Moderator - Ashley-Marie Olgado on September 10, 2019)
Dear steve, the ऌ ॡ are not so easy or common. It do them by lightly touching the back of the upper teeth with the tip of the tongue to hear the 'l' sound and then roll it in slightly towards the 'r'. Hope this helps. All the best!
Hi steve,  I think why the   would be harder is because the American pronunciation of the 'r' really rolls the tongue back in whereby the tongue muscles get used to that movement. The Sanskrit ऋ happens more easily when the tongue is lightly placed below the centre of the upper palate. Guess we have a cultural advantage as these sounds are native to us. Do let me know if this tip worked! Thank you. Enjoy the practice :)
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