Asana Studies: Back Body Sensing<br>Zeynep Celen

Asana Studies: Back Body Sensing
Zeynep Celen

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Rachel H
Didn’t like this session. Instructor has her own random sequence that I found hard to follow!
Rose S
Rachel, I am sorry that you did not find a match with Zeynep. You might like the structure of Nathan's 30 Day Challenge.  Thank you for being here. - xok
Zeynep Celen
Dear Rachel , I am sorry to hear that this practice was not suitable for you. Freedom Style yoga is a very particular style and might not be for everyone. Thank you for trying it anyhow, and sharing your thoughts. 

As Rose said, please do try other teachers that might have more familiar sequences to you, or even other freedom style teachers like Alana Mitnick or Kira Sloane to see how others interpret it. Best Wishes on your yoga journey... 
Renee R
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Thank you, this helped me to feel more opening in my back body and have gratitude for all that it does for me.
Erin C
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This is one of my favorite videos. I love starting prone and lifting, sensing in to the back body right away.
Zeynep Celen
Thank you">Renee for practicing with me and commenting! I I am happy to hear that it made a difference for you. Sending you love from Switzerland, Zeynep 
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