The Vinyasa Show: Heart Centered Flow
Brenda Lear

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Hi Erika Thank you for pointing this out. We are editing and it should be fixed today! Best, Sarah
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Hi Erika I'm glad you enjoyed the class. I think I had yoga brain when filming this class...truth be told, when I usually teach I am not doing the practice so when filming it takes another level of concentration to do be in the practice and to remember what comes next. (Obviously, I think I really enjoyed this one.) I hope I did not leave you too unbalanced with this sequence :)
Hi Erika and Brenda Lear , this video is all set and updated. Sorry to miss that in the editing! All the best!
WOW, Sarah Beston that's wonderful! Thank you.
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I began establishing a Yoga routine a month ago before bedtime. So far this is my favorite one to do before a nice aromatic hot bath.
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Very beautiful practice Brenda Lear I love your clases!!!! thank you!!!
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I loved this practice! It was great to have a vinyasa class with not a sun salutation or chaturanga in sight! I really enjoyed all the backbends and exploration of king pigeon and lizard poses. Also poses that don’t often make it into a sequence. Thank you!
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Ali I haven't tried this one yet, and you've convinced me. Looking forward to the creative flow and a little bit of chaturanga break for my shoulders. Adding to my queue!
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