Grounded Joy: Wiggling Around Inside and Out<br>Lydia Zamorano

Grounded Joy: Wiggling Around Inside and Out
Lydia Zamorano

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Lydia Zamorano
Lori Hi Lori! Thanks for your feedback! That is something that I have been working on in my later practices. Thanks for the reminder. Warmly, Lydia 
David G-
I experienced this with three waffles in my belly (this was my warmup before indoor cycling in Tuscany), which made some of the breathing techniques comical, but the rest was so perfect for my morning. The IT stretch was as good as my breakfast, same with the float/walk moves and then on top of that, I was able to put my mind into the transverse muscles on the bike and work on fluid power. Now I am hanging with my dogs. Life is good. 
Lydia Zamorano
David Goldstein Wonderful to hear! Waffles, fluid power, furry best friends, IT stretches, breath... life sounds good! 
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