Yin Yoga: Marma Point Meditation<br>Kira Sloane

Yin Yoga: Marma Point Meditation
Kira Sloane

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Kira Sloane
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David Goldstein, great question. "Widening the base of the skull" is an energetic cue with physical results. With your attention on the base of the skull, try letting your jaw go slack, allowing your mouth open slightly. Tipping your chin down just a bit, let your attention help you to experience a warm soothing spaciousness at the occiput. 

And know that others find this cue mysterious as well! Have a great day, Kira
Sumana Ramanan D
This was so good. After working with one arm, I immediately felt it was more relaxed than the other. With the second arm, I became better at finding the tender points. Gosh, I did not know I had so many. Why do we have so many tender points? This series is both the answer to many sources of tension, and simultaneously sparks deeper questions. So grateful, Kira.
Kira Sloane
Sumana Ramanan D, loving your internal report! xok
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