Grounded Joy: Grounded Flight
Lydia Zamorano

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A lot of well-considered information here to inform and refine these postures : ) Thanks, Lydia : )
Kate Hi! 
Thank you! Glad there are some welcome details for you. Hope you are well and healthy. Love, Lydia 
So many subtle instructions that did allow me to be softer. However, note to self: no caffeine before Lydia videos; messes with balance. 

Are you teaching your kids some of these moves? They must be handfuls of energy. Body movers too?  I had an epiphany that I was a body mover this summer when two dancers used that terminology to describe themselves.  

The breakdown of the handstand was appreciated.  I will practice this on my own without the pressure of being synchronous.  

Big heartfelt of gratitude for all your yoga experience that you share so freely with all of us. 

David Goldstein Thank you David! Yes, the kids love exploring movement and breath! They often create their own flows and teach them to me. Often they are my inspiration, in many aspects of my life! Caffeine can certainly shift things, can't it? Big heartfelt gratitude that you continue to share your practice with me. 
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